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Lingerie shop online

Lingerie - choose a decent set

The first thing we should think about during the creation of a daily  appearance — lingerie. It is exactly the detail from which all begins with. However, some dispense with it. But scarcely you are of such «adrenaline types», if you have looked in the online catalog of our shop .

Lingerie — is a peculiar business card. Of course, first of all, it must be comfortable, but aesthetics — the second you have to worry. However, as one classic said, «if you don't want to feel ashamed when you will be hitting by bus, put on a beautiful and sexy lingerie». Of course, this variant is more appropriates for life: right selected, beautiful, elegant and seductive lingerie not only gives confidence to yourself, causes the sexual appetite in males, it also "treats" (Yes-yes, during the depression you can treat yourself and buy erotic lingerie — you'll see how to feel better at once). Every internet lingerie shop offers a really great choice, but you must pay attention to not only color or trend products — women's lingerie must conform to your shape and also the main style. The right selected set is not only emphasize all the benefits, but also will enable to feel yourself more confidently.

So, better to choose a bikini, if you have a slim and smart shape, moreover such kind of panties suitable under any attires and style. But for ladies with massive hips and not completely flat tummy is better to bet on the more closed version. For example, you can buy the lingerie with a thick belt or a high waist, a corset or a suitable combidress. In addition, choosing such a lingerie in Kyiv, you can select a very stylish set without seams (many women are paying attention to it, because even the owner's of rounded forms are would like taking a clinging sexy attires).

It is very unpretentious to the a shape considered thong panties. Such kind of lingerie The internet-shop «Intimo» offers in a delightful assortment of — attractive colors, quality fabrics, original styles. However, it is not to get obsess with such panties.

 Equally sexy lingerie — elastic shorts-boxers — perfect for the fitness, these panties with top in the sets are very comfortable. Besides, for many men this version seems much more attractive than even thong panties.

As for the fabric,  in Kyiv city you can buy the lingerie from different materials. Of course, the best is cotton lingerie, but is not too elastic and rumples. So every online store of lingerie has a good choise of cotton sets with lycra. In addition of this fabric, especially popular is microfiber and silk. Sexy lingerie from silk — the choice of most women, despite that this detail of wardrobe would be costly (of course, if we speak about the high quality products). In a word, it is better to have variants to all events and for any style, only if you will feel confidently. Well, if you want to buy really a high quality erotic lingerie, you should to access with our shop's suggestions. We sure, that you find a set you couldn't not to refuse, moreover and your man will be fascinated by the choice .

There is no nesessary to look for a decent online lingerie store when there is «Intimo» — you can to trust us your attractiveness and comfort .

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